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The year 1973 marked the opening of SIAM GRAINFEILD EXPORT LTD., the first of the SIAM BUILD GROUP OF COMPANIES to be established. With thirty years of research and experience behind us, our customers can expect products of the highest quality from us. For many years. We have been dealing with foreign companies. We have been able to maintain these business relationships throughout these years due to the sole fact that we can be trusted to deliver only the best. Quality service comes only with experience… our company has had 30 years of it.


Deals mainly the exporting of Jasmine Rice, as well as other products. Jasmine rice is considered one of the highest quality types of rice. SIAM FIRST RICE LTD., uses nutritionists who, with their vast knowledge and accumulated experience, are able to advise us on the variety and usage of the different types of Jasmine rice. The research carried out by our nutritionists studies the benefits of certain types of Jasmine rice over other when grown or cooked in a particular way. For example, if the Jasmine rice was grown in a specific month, our customers are able to benefit not only from the high quality of our jasmine rice, but also from the accumulated experience of our nutritionists, maximizing customer satisfaction.